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9 Ways to Sell an Ugly House

Published on 10 July 2022
old wooden house in disrepair

Whether your home is ugly on the inside or out, there is still value in the property. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly assume their house is so ugly, no one will want to buy it. However, that is not the case, as specific buyers are always interested in ugly homes. You just need to know how to find those buyers using the right approach. 

#1. Decide if you want to make any DIY changes or repairs.

There are several affordable DIY things you can do to de-uglify your home, such as:

  • Painting the exterior or interior of your home in a trendy color.
  • Removing dead shrubs and pulling weeds from flower beds in front of the house.
  • Fixing leaking faucets.
  • Patching holes in the walls.
  • Doing a deep cleaning of the house, including shampooing carpets.

#2. Focus on the positive features of your home.

You need to point out what is good about your home. For example, you might have just invested in a new roof, HVAC system, or kitchen appliances. Highlighting these features can help potential buyers look past the unattractive parts of your home. 

#3. Showcase your home’s potential for interested buyers.

Selling an ugly house is all about how you market it. One of the best marketing techniques to use is to showcase how much potential your home has for the right buyer. For example, you may have a very large kitchen, but the kitchen needs to be remodeled. 

Instead of focusing on the negative: the kitchen needs remodeling, focus on the positive: the kitchen is very spacious. It could easily be transformed into your dream kitchen with all the latest appliances and gadgets. 

#4. Declutter the home.

Getting rid of anything you no longer want or need is a great way to make your ugly home more appealing. Furthermore, it can help make rooms seem bigger and more spacious. 

#5. Share your house’s history.

Most older homes have interesting stories about their history. Maybe your house was built by a historical figure, or perhaps the original builder designed some quirky rooms for specific reasons. Sharing these stories with interested buyers may be all the incentive needed to sell your house.

#6. Point out the benefits of living in the area.

People buy homes for more than how they look. Even when they find an ugly home, the benefits of living in your neighborhood can be more appealing than how your house looks. For example, your house may even be in one of the top-demanded school districts in your area. You could live near restaurants, shopping, parks, or bus stops.

Conceptual image of real estate market

#7. Pay attention to the real estate market in your area.

If you can wait until the real estate market is a seller’s market—where there are more buyers than homes for sale—it is much easier to sell an ugly house. They will look past what home improvements need to be made simply because they want to live in the area. 

#8. Sell the home for less than the ideal selling point.

Listing your home for a lower price than you would get if the house were fixed upped is a great way to attract buyers. They will understand you are selling it for less because it needs some TLC to make it more appealing. 

#9. Focus on finding the right buyer.

Not everyone will be interested in your house. As such, you are better off focusing on the buyers who are interested in it. For example, you could target cash buyers or flip-and-fix buyers. These buyers care less about what the house looks like and are more interested in its future potential as a rental property or a fixer-upper they can sell after they remodel the home. 

How to Sell Your Ugly House Without a Real Estate Agent

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