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Everyday questions

What areas do you buy in?

We are nationwide and working with local house buyers in nearly every market across the U.S. If we currently don’t have a buyer in your area, we’ll jump right on it and find local cash house buyers for you.

Do you buy all types of houses?

Yep! We buy condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, mobile homes, and any house in as-is condition. Whether your house needs simple cosmetic touch ups or has serious foundation issues, our buyer affiliates want to buy your house.

How does the house selling/buying process work?

We follow a simple process to maximize convenience.

  • First, fill out the short contact form or call 1-800-CASH-TODAY
  • Up to three local house buyers will reach out to answer any questions and schedule a property inspection. If all goes well, you could receive multiple cash offers the same day.
  • Choose the best offer or don’t - you’re under no obligation. If you decide to move forward, you have the option to a $10,000 cash advance, free credit repair, and a free local move on your schedule.

How does the cash advance up to $10,000 work?

When we open escrow that is going to be 30 days or more, we can loan up to $10,000 for immediate financial relief.

How does the free credit repair work?

We’ll connect you with our trusted credit repair national partner who will handle everything for you. The credit repair professional will communicate with the credit bureaus and work towards removing negative marks from your reports that are bringing down your credit score. Your buyer pays for this service.

How does the free local moving work?

You decide on the move out day and the professional moving company that we’ve partnered up with will reach out to you. Your buyer will cover moving expenses up to $1,500 to get you across town or credit towards a long haul. If you do not need movers, then the move credit will be added to the purchase price.

Who typically sells to CashToday Home Buyers?

People who want a guaranteed quick house sale on their schedule with a national company with local personalized service. Reasons for selling varies from seller to seller but generally fall under one of the following:

  • Not wanting to deal with repairs
  • Just inherited a property and wanting to cash out
  • Falling behind on mortgage payments or other bills
  • Job relocation or new job
  • Going through a divorce
  • Looking for a convenient move and don’t want to be hassled using the conventional sale process

What about age restricted communities?

Absolutely. We buy in age restricted communities just as we’ll buy any age house.

Do you only buy worn down homes or nice ones too?

We buy all kinds of houses that need anywhere from light repairs to major renovations. If you’re unsure, get answers from our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-CASH-TODAY, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

What kinds of properties do you not buy?

We do not buy commercial properties as we focus on residential properties. Our goal is to restore homes to bring new life into properties and improve neighborhoods.

What if my property is rented?

No problem. We can still buy your house and work with the tenants in place.

Can I sell through CashToday if I’m already working with an agent?

We do not work with realtors as our goal is to bring you the highest cash offer for your house in as-is condition and close on a date that works for you. Agent commissions just decrease your sale proceeds.

THE OFFER questions

How fast will I receive a cash offer?

Often, you can receive a cash offer the same day you reach out. Our cash buyers can move quickly and with your schedule.

What determines the offer price?

Our experienced home buyers consider several factors when arriving at a competitive offer, including the condition and location of the property, estimated time and cost of repairs, other expenses like insurance, taxes, and selling costs, and the predicted after repair value of the house compared to houses in the neighborhood. Our cash house buyers are very thorough to ensure you receive their best offer.

Are there any selling costs or fees I should know about?

Nope. You never pay us anything and you’re under no obligations when you request an offer. Our affiliate buyers generally pay all costs and fees to ensure you get the most money for your house.

Will you pay full market value for my house?

Our home buyers must take into account the time and cost of renovations. They’ll make you an offer based on a percentage of the expected after repair value of your house. While there’s potential to make more if you list with an agent, CashToday Home Buyers offer more benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed fast cash sale so there are no ifs or buts about the buyer's financing
  • Cash advance up to $10,000
  • Skip the hassle of repairing, cleaning, staging, and showing
  • No fees and full transparency on our offer process
  • Free credit repair and free local move

Can I negotiate the price with the local buyer?

Sure. Our buyers provide competitive cash offers, but if you feel as though they missed something about your property that would provide value, communicate it with them.

Is accepting and signing the offer easy?

Unlike Realtor forms that are long and lengthy, cash house buyers use simple forms since it’s a cash sale in as-is condition with a fast closing, so no need for a lot of paper.


How fast can I close and move?

Although it varies by state, typically once title is cleared and approved by the buyer, sale proceeds are sent to escrow with a quick closing… This can all happen in as few as five days.

Can I decide later when to move out?

We’re all here to help, so share your circumstances with the buyer upfront and they’ll work with you and your schedule for a win-win sale and future move out date.

Can I stay in the home a while after closing?

You bet. Your buyer can offer a flexible move out date so you can stay in your house for a little longer.

Do you use nationally recognized title and escrow companies?

While we don’t dictate which title and escrow service providers our affiliate buyers use, as it varies by state, you can rest assured that title and escrow companies must comply with the highest level of their state’s standards.