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Our local home buying expert is courteous, professional, and understand how to buy houses. You’ll save time and commission fees when selling a house without a realtor and enjoy our hassle-free process to receive cash for your house as-is. Just click and that’s it to be instantly introduced to a cash buyer.

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Sell your house as is and close escrow in as soon as 7 days. No fees, showings, or repairs… and move when you’re ready! If you’re asking yourself “How can I sell my house fast," then you’ve come to the right place. We buy houses day in and day out and will provide you a no obligation, fast home offer.

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No other buyer provides your complete solution of products to ensure all your needs are met. We truly are the best way to sell any property, in any condition, anywhere.

CashToday way

No other buyer offers...

  • Free credit repair
  • Free local moving
  • Advance up to $10,000
  • Fast 7 day sale
  • Local buyers
  • Flexible move date
  • Easy & predictable
  • No updating, repairs, staging, or cleaning needed
  • Pay no agent, title, or escrow fees
  • No contingencies on financing
  • No fees or commissions

Conventional way

  • Interview agents
  • Repair and update
  • Declutter, clean and dump
  • Open houses with strangers
  • Wait months for offer
  • Long escrow period
  • Pay agent, title, escrow, staging and other junk fees
  • Buyer may fall through
  • Months of uncertainty

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renovate your house

We pride ourselves in making old houses look new again, improving neighborhoods

  • Hire a realtor

    Realtors generally don’t like selling ugly houses due to the stigma that comes with it and higher chance escrow falls out due to buyer inexperience or other financial setbacks. Realtors’ will often suggest repairs that are expensive, time-consuming, and you take the risk of losing money for the higher sale price that do not cover your additional repair expenses. These costs will be in addition to the realtor fees for selling a house.

  • Selling a house without a Realtor

    You can always try to sell your house yourself. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost way to sell your house, but you’re left to fend for yourself against perhaps unscrupulous buyers. You could handle all repairs, cleaning, open houses, and other tedious tasks if you’re feeling up for the challenge.

  • Quick home buyers

    The other option is to connect with a local house buyer who buy houses for cash in any condition and can close in as little as seven days. 800CashToday investors understand the cost of doing repairs, the repair surprises, and financial risks involved, so they can make the highest cash offer possible and have a great track record of always closing escrow on time.

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Get a fast cash offer for your old house, in any condition, anywhere. No equity is okay too.


What areas do you buy in?

We are nationwide and working with local house buyers in nearly every market across the U.S. If we currently don’t have a buyer in your area, we’ll jump right on it and find a local cash house buyer for you.

Do you buy all types of houses?

Yep! We buy condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, mobile homes, and any house in as-is condition. Whether your house needs simple cosmetic touch ups or has serious foundation issues, our buyer affiliates want to buy your house.

How does the house selling/buying process work?

We follow a simple process to maximize convenience.

  • First, fill out the short contact form or call 1-800-CASH-TODAY
  • A local house buyer will reach out to answer any questions and schedule a property inspection. If all goes well, you could receive a cash offer the same day.
  • Sign the offer or don’t - you’re under no obligation. If you decide to move forward, you have the option to a $10,000 cash advance, free credit repair, and a free local move on your schedule.

How does the cash advance up to $10,000 work?

When we open escrow that is going to be 30 days or more, we can loan up to $10,000 for immediate financial relief.

About Plano, TX

Plano, Texas sits 21 miles north of Dallas in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and has grown to a city nearing 290,000 residents. Known for its highly educated citizens, more than 80 parks, private and public golf courses, and Texan cuisine, Plano, TX is a quickly growing city with amenities to match. The city’s largest park Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve spans 800 acres with 26 trails while Arbor Hills Nature Preserve offers paved and unpaved trails as well as a pavilion and observation tower. Nearby, the Crayola Experience is Plano’s top family attraction with hands-on activity. History lovers in Plano, Texas can tour the Heritage Farmstead Museum that shows what life was like on the Blackland Prairie in the late 19th century.

Real Estate Market in Plano, TX

Plano’s strong academia culture with four libraries, 300 days of sunshine, low crime rate, and foodie scene with weekly farmer’s markets and fun annual events like the Heirloom Tomato Fest continuously draw in new residents. Plano, Texas has ranked as a top city to live and retire in, with a high median annual income and surprisingly affordable home values. Prior to COVID, Plano, TX ranked #2 in the U.S. for jobs and the city remains to be the headquarters for major companies like Pepsi, J.C. Penny, FedEx and Bank of America, as well as other Fortune 1000 companies. With close proximity to Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth and Arlington, and DART (a train that takes people directly into downtown Dallas), Plano residents are sure to find a job either in their city or a neighboring one. The healthy and growing job market and top-tier education create a strong rental market in Plano, Texas, as well as creating a very competitive housing market. Over the past decade, property appreciation in Plano has reached over 96%, and with fewer new listings popping up in this seller’s market, buyers are submitting offers faster than previous years. In Plano, Texas, summer is the best time to secure the most lucrative fast home offer. If you’re selling a house that needs repairs in Plano, TX, you might be wondering how to sell a house that needs some work, or better yet, can you sell a house as is? The traditional home sale can become a grueling months-long process, but working with a Texan home buyer who makes cash offers for homes can be completed in mere days. So, if you’re thinking, I need to sell my house fast Plano, TX, consider accepting cash for your home. Homeowners in Plano, Texas have discovered the simplest and most efficient way of selling with 800CashToday. Our experienced team connects you with our professional cash house buyer in Plano who's motivated and ready to pay cash for your house. With a competitive cash offer in hand, you no longer need to look for Plano, TX quick home buyers. What happens after they buy my property? You’ll choose the move out date and receive seller benefits like a $10,000 cash advance, free local moving and free credit repair (to name a few). Whether you’re selling a primary residence, moving and can’t sell house, or selling a house you have inherited, we buy houses Plano, TX as is! To learn about our streamlined process and how to sell a home fast, we welcome a conversation with you. Don’t fix a thing, just give us a ring at 1-800-CASH-TODAY and hear more about our simple process and how we buy your house in Plano, Texas.