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Take a minute to fill out our short "Get Started" form or give us a call at 1-800-CASH-TODAY (800-227-4863). Our buyers know your local market to provide the highest cash offer for your house!

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Our local home buying expert is courteous, professional, and understand how to buy houses. You’ll save time and commission fees when selling a house without a realtor and enjoy our hassle-free process to receive cash for your house as-is. Just click and that’s it to be instantly introduced to a cash buyer.

3. Choose the best offer that’s right for you and your house is… sold!

Sell your house as is and close escrow in as soon as 7 days. No fees, showings, or repairs… and move when you’re ready! If you’re asking yourself “How can I sell my house fast," then you’ve come to the right place. We buy houses day in and day out and will provide you a no obligation, fast home offer.

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Benefits of our service

You won’t find another as-is home buyer that can provide all the services and conveniences of 800CashToday. From ratty hoarder houses to properties facing foreclosure, we’ve got you covered. Selling your home in NH couldn’t be easier!

CashToday way

No other buyer offers...

  • Free credit repair
  • Free local moving
  • Advance up to $10,000
  • Fast 7 day sale
  • Local buyers
  • Flexible move date
  • Easy & predictable
  • No updating, repairs, staging, or cleaning needed
  • Pay no agent, title, or escrow fees
  • No contingencies on financing
  • No fees or commissions

Conventional way

  • Interview agents
  • Repair and update
  • Declutter, clean and dump
  • Open houses with strangers
  • Wait months for offer
  • Long escrow period
  • Pay agent, title, escrow, staging and other junk fees
  • Buyer may fall through
  • Months of uncertainty

Learn why 800CashToday is the best home buying company around!

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renovate your house

Options for selling a New Hampshire house that needs repairs

It’s not uncommon for people to contact us with concerns about selling a home that is in need of repair. In these cases, you have several options. Here’s a few different ways to carry out the home-selling process when you have a property in substandard condition:

  • home realtor

    Hire a New Hampshire realtor

    For the most part, realtors would rather not sell houses that clearly need a lot of work done. These properties tend to attract inexperienced buyers, which means a high likelihood that escrow will fall through. There’s also a stigma attached to houses that are ugly or in a state of disrepair, and this can impact the chances of finding a good buyer. That’s why realtors will often insist that you make expensive repairs to the property first—but there’s a risk that you won’t make back your money. Furthermore, using a realtor means higher closing costs.

  • sell house for cash

    Selling your New Hampshire house without a realtor

    Selling the house yourself means no commissions need to be paid to a realtor, but there are still drawbacks to this option. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can provide a low-cost way to sell your house, but you can get into trouble without professional help on your side. You will also have to shoulder the responsibility of setting up open houses and other time-consuming tasks.

  • quick home buyers

    Quick home buyers

    The easiest option is to connect with a home buyer in New Hampshire that specializes in cash offers on as-is properties. As an experienced cash home buying company, 800CashToday can make a deal quickly, in as little as ten days. There’s no cleaning and no repairs required—we understand how to handle these kinds of properties, and we’ll extend a reasonable cash offer.

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Just click, that's it

Get a fast cash offer for your old house, in any condition, anywhere. No equity is okay too.


In what areas do you buy properties?

As a nationwide service, we buy houses for cash in New Hampshire as well as nearly every other market in the United States.

Do you buy all types of properties?

Absolutely! Not only do we buy houses as-is, we also purchase condos, mobile homes, townhouses, duplexes, and multi-tenant buildings in any condition. Whether your property needs extensive repairs, or you just have an inherited house you want to sell, 800CashToday is here to make a free cash offer.

How does the house selling/buying process work?

We follow a simple home buying process:

  • First, fill out our contact form or call us at 1-800-CASH-TODAY.
  • A 800CashToday buyer will contact you for more information. If everything goes well, it’s possible that you will get a cash offer on the same day. 
  • Then you have the option of signing the offer or refusing it. If you decide to sign, you can receive a cash advance up to $10,000, in addition to free credit repair and free relocation to your new home.

How does the cash advance up to $10,000 work?

You can qualify for a loan of up to $10,000 if the escrow period will be at least 30 days. This will give you some quick cash.

About New Hampshire

New Hampshire sits in the very heart of the northeast, bordered by Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. It’s one of the smaller states in the nation, with its largest city being Manchester, NH (pop. 115,000). The state is dappled with charming small cities, like Portsmouth and Hanover, as well as expanses of stunning scenery. White Mountain National Forest lies within state bounds, widely recognized for its wildlife, clear streams, and hiking trails. 

In the winter, New Hampshire experiences abundant tourism for winter sports; the state’s peaks are some of the tallest in the northeast. New Hampshire is home to a plethora of colleges and universities; one of its most notable being Dartmouth, a member of the Ivy League.

Real Estate Market in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s small town atmosphere is known for attracting residents, and with high demand, homes here tend to sell quickly. The state boasts a lower unemployment rate than the national average, with real estate, higher education, and healthcare industries all playing a major role in New Hampshire’s economic growth. 

Cost of homes in New Hampshire can lean towards the higher side of the scale, due to high demand and lower amounts of available property. But don’t be dismayed! Sellers continue to have success quickly after listing—and many buyers make their way to the beautiful state and find their perfect homes.